Thursday, February 11, 2010

So I'm A 'Violent Racist', Eh?

I surfed over to Transadvocate and checked out an interesting post by Marti Abernathey.

She asserts that because Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss dares to speak the truth to power about the inaction on ENDA, the trans sellouts working with Gay, Inc to 'keep the trannies in line' and without civil rights coverage have already or will soon start a whisper campaign to discredit her inside the Beltway.

I rolled over on the floor laughing when I read what was said about moi in this whisper campaign:

Monica Roberts – violent racist

Yeah, right. Seems like I had no problem wandering into whatever congressional office I wanted to visit in 2007 and 2009.

As a matter of fact I got enough intel from the 2007 visits to the Hill that I sounded the alarm along with the people that were smeared about the disturbing news we'd heard that trans people were about to get cut out of the then-trans inclusive ENDA.

We dissenters were called 'crazy' by NCTE leadership and the claim went out that trans inclusion in ENDA was a 'slam dunk'.

Until October 2007 and that slam dunk clanged off the back of the Congressional rim.

To the person or persons who started that inside the beltway smear, this is what a 'violent racist' looks like:

Funny, they look like you and share YOUR ethnic heritage.

Just one point of correction on the whisper campaign as it pertains to moi, I’m also the ‘uppity n*****r’ as well as being labeled ‘racist’.

Better than being a vanilla flavored sellout to the Trans community any day.

By the way smearmongers, racism = prejudice plus power, and that's something you should have retained from Sociology 101.

I got better things to do than waste my valuable time and money trying to work with people who are kissing their oppressor's behinds and are too clueless, fearful, lazy and stupid to do anything about it.

When you're ready to pass some legislation that will help all segments of the GLBT community and not the 'we're just like you' neo-Mattachine crowd, call me.

Then again, maybe I should show up for an NCTE lobby day with an Afro, a black leather outfit and wear a black beret while I hold up a black gloved clenched fist and shout 'all power to the people' over a megaphone.

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