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About KIngian Love

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This is another one of Toni D'orsay's commentaries from her Facebook page that needs to be shared with the world, especially on this last King Day celebration with Barack Obama as our president.

And now, here's Toni


So today I have been honoring a man who's life is, far too often, invoked as a condemnation of my efforts.
Of the efforts of any person of color, of any woman, of any disabled person, of any LGBT person.
"You are too vulgar, too confrontational, too angry, too egotistical, too masculine, too aggressive, too loud"
This is their words, their too and their much, and their too much of me in their head and in their eyes and in their face and space and I am just over and through and around and within them and that offends them into defends of their too and their much and their too much.
They start seeing me in my paleness, bleached by the dark and the hiding from the sun, and think me like them even as I call out my darkness and my difference and shed the things they put on me to reveal my many colored robe and all the truths within it.
Patchworked and frayed, like some country tune, my robe of many colors is cast in drab hue and cry and the then they see me only as the black one that deceives and lures and now they forget that I am more than one thing and so never so easily contained, oiled and slick from the failures of their own efforts to punish and silence me by drowning my brilliance in the darkness they concoct and convene and conveniently they tell themselves they can escape now.
"Be like King!" They extol and exhort and exhale and hex bring this marvel of a man as a shield for themselves, coopting and co-owning and appropriately appropriating the approximation of what they see as acceptable and allowable and apple pie a man with dark skin and a dream they breathe to lift themselves up and never my peoples, never my tribes, never my families.
They catch a drift and caricature the cacophony and complain about the noise like a short king to a wizard, hey man the peasants are revolting and you can say that again.
But hey, they are good and they are loving and you cannot grasp what love is without knowing what you are loving and like they have made me they are too thin and pale to grasp the color of love and the weight of it and burden of having to be the ones that love when all that is returned is hate.
Love is telling you that you are wrong, and love is you listening and asking and thinking and realizing that you are wrong.
If I say to you that need you need to step back and let that black or brown sister step up and you need to point to her and say hey, listen up, that is me being loving and me loving you and loving the work and yet you turn to me and you say that you cannot find a woman to lift up or that woman isn't deserving or good enough or useful enough or pretty enough or why don't you just say it plain and real that she ain't white enough you saltine looking piece of work.
Love does not mean you, with your newfound struggle, are better at this than we, for whom this struggle is as old as the blood and bone in our bodies, weaned on The Talk that you don't even have to have to have because to you the Talk is about sex and for us it is about living and how your code switching in your newfound world is stolen from we who have done it from the moment we learned that the world was out there.
If I tell you that rap is your poetry slam, your spoken word art and you roll your eyes at fuck tha police and can't tell a Run from a DMC and say yeah, but that ain't your jam I am gonna laugh.
Because who gave you your jam, but we?
You call it eggshells, correctness, politics, and what that is is you being careful not to be nonracist but to not show how fuckin racist you already are and how sleeping you are while we are woke and shaking in the middle of a long dark night you don't even know is there.
You think of me and you think of rambling lessons and crystalline posts that make you feel good or feel bad but make you feel without feeling it, and then I bust a piece of heart like this here and you blow it off and wonder why I don't just stick to shouting at windmills since my lance has been broken and my Pancho is a coffee bean you drink with a pretty label that says the right words even though we all sit in a nation where even a child makes more as an allowance than that coffee bean farmer does in a year.
I don't want your guilt. I want your blood, your sweat, your tears, your risking your job and family and hopes and dreams because that is what we risk walking down the street around you every day.
And now, no matter how many of you get this and cheer this and celebrate this know that it wasn't We who put hell in office.
It was you, and you are they, and we don't have the luxury and the privilege of saying but it was those bad ones.

Remember this on the Day of the King, and know that love never tears down, that love can sting, and that love sometimes means discipline to show you a better way.

Actress Ivory Aquino Comes Out As Trans

I know I have some amazing trailblazing trans people in my life that I'm also blessed enough to call my friends.   One of those people is Cecilia Chung, who I happily discovered has actress Ivory Aquino playing her in the upcoming ABC miniseries When We Rise scheduled to be broadcast on February 27.

The cool thing about the actress playing Cecilia in this miniseries is that she is a girl like us.

(Photo by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images)
Ivory Aquino, who will play my homegirl in this ABC miniseries that is based on longtime gay activist Cleve Jones' memoir When We Rise: My Life In The Movement chronicling the TBLGQ rights movement in San Francisco., recently came out as trans.

The 26 year old transpinay always knew she wanted to act, but initially gave up on that dream because she felt there was no place in Hollywood or the acting world for someone like her.

Interestingly enough, when she auditioned for the role of Cecilia,, producer Dustin Lance Black was pissed at casting because they hadn't found any trans actresses for the role, and he was determined to cast a trans person in it.  

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Aquino came out publicly for the first time during the recent Television Critics Association conference.  She tearfully said in an interview that she can hardly believe that she's part of this project.

"You spend your whole life dreaming of these things,"she said. "And it's really humbling when your dreams come true."  

Looking forward to seeing you play Cecilia when this miniseries airs February 27-March2

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Re.v Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 2017

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Today would have been the 88th birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born in Atlanta on this date in 1929.   The federal holiday is tomorrow

Dr King's birthday and holiday are falling as we are in the last week of the administration of the best president of my lifetime and a president who shares my ethnic heritage.    He is being succeeded on Friday by a boorish, nekulturny racist and sexist loudmouth who has less class than President Obama has in his pinky finger.

President Obama, and the country deserved better than what were about to get

Dr King if he were here would be appalled at the looming Trump presidency and the people that are filling leadership positions in it.   He would especially be alarmed, as his wife Coretta was back in 1986 that Jeff Sessions was nominated by this man to be our nation's attorney general.

In a time when it's hard for us to generate infinite hope in the face of the crushing disappointment of the November 8 election results, it's what we must do right now..   Our kids are counting on us to fight for them and the America we want to see harder than this conservafool nightmare the right wing fought hard for decades to make happen.  

We must resist the GOP tyranny and Twitler with every fiber of our beings and resolve to crush Trump's enormous ego still further by working our azzes off over the next four years to make him a one term president.

We also need to in liberal progressive world fight our common enemy instead of each other.  I need far left people to fight the Republicans harder than they do the Democrats.  We're not your enemy. The Republicans crapping on the Constitution are.   How about you deal with that reality?

Dr. King once said, 'The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Looks like we're about to find out where a lot of people stand on both sides of the political aisle in this challenging and controversial moment of American history.

Moni's Will Be Headed To LGBTMedia17!

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Got the word last month that I've been invited to attend the LGBT Media Convening that will take place in Orlando March 23-26.

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It will be the fifth one I've attended since 2013, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends in the LGBT media world.

It's hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association with sponsorship from the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund and the Arcus Foundation.

It's an opportunity along with my media colleagues to hone and build on our reporting skills, discuss issues of importance to the TBLGQ community so that we are better versed in covering them, and also network with each other.

In a time in which we have an incoming president that hates the media, it is even more important that we have media willing to speak truth to power and fight back.  We also need media that will fight the lies and falsehoods disseminated about our community

As I get closer to my departure date for the event, I'll be giving y'all more details about #LGBTMedia17 as I get them.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2016-17 NFL Playoffs- Divisional Round

I ran the table and got all four of my picks correct during the Wild Card weekend round of the playoffs, and now it's time for the Divisional Round of the 2016-17 NFL Playoffs

All the teams remaining are division champions, and now the number one and two seeds get to play after a week off.  The teams winning in these games go on to face each other in the AFC and NFC Championship Games next week. .

Now it's time for me to make those picks.

Saturday Games

NFC Divisional Game

#3 Seattle Seahawks (11-5-1) vs  #2 Atlanta Falcons (11-5)  3;35 PM  CST  on FOX

This Divisional Round game at the Georgia Dome is a rematch of a wild and controversial game in Seattle that Seattle pulled out late courtesy of a Steven Hauschka field goal with 1:57 left .

Atlanta's attempt to win the game ended on a 4th down pass breakup by Richard Sherman on Julio Jones that the Falcons were screaming warranted a pass interference call.  The officials said otherwise and the game ended in a 26-24 Seahawk victory.  

Image result for seattle vs atlanta 2016
This time it's in the Georgia Dome with higher stakes.  You can probably bet that the NFC South champion Falcons not only want some payback, they don't want this game to be the last one they play in the Georgia Dome. They move to the new Mercedes Benz Stadium next door later this year.

The Falcons also have a lethal offense that was held in check for a half in that October 26 game by a Seattle defense that is missing key players in this rematch. .The Falcons also had a week off while the NFC West champion Seahawks were sending the Lions packing after they spanked them 26-6 ..

So who is going to win it?   Going with the Falcons.

AFC Divisional Game

#4 Houston Texans (10-7) vs #1 New England Patriots (14-2)  &:15 PM CST on CBS

This nightcap game is also a rematch, and no one outside of NRG Stadium and Harris County is even giving the Texans a chance in this playoff game. They are a two touchdown underdog.

Image result for texans vs patriots 2016

The AFC South champion Texans were shut out 27-0 in their previous trip to Gillette Stadium on September 22 that occurred while Tom Brady was serving a four game suspension.  It was also the game in which JJ Watt was lost for the season.  The Texans are also 0-4 against the Patriots in that stadium, including a 2013 playoff loss.

But the Texans have the number one ranked defense in the league thanks to Jadeveon Clowney staying healthy and having an All Pro season on top of it,  That gives them a chance if they can force some turnovers, they don't turn the ball over and even get a pick six out of the dea

Unfortunately, the Texans don't have an offense to go with that championship level defense, and the Patriots have a future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback.  .

It was a nice playoff run while it lasted.   Patriots to win this one, but you know I'll be happy if this pick is wrong.

Sunday Games

NFC Divisional Game 

#4 Green Bay Packers (10-7) vs #1 Dallas Cowboys (13-3) at 3;40 PM CST on FOX

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This is the only playoff game in the Divisional round that isn't a regular season rematch.   This is one in which the red hot NFC North champion Packers have won seven straight games, including their playoff win at Lambeau field last week against the New York Giants.

This matchup is also dripping with NFL playoff history  

The NFC East champion Cowboys went 8-2 after their bye week, but stumbled a bit against the Eagles in their regular season finale.  The question that will be answered is did the layoff hurt or help the number one seeded Cowboys, who are also facing the playoff debuts of rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott?

I think it helps Green bay since they have momentum.  The Packers and Aaaon Rodgers will pull this game out in an upset and save us in Houston from the spectacle of seeing the Cowboys play in the Super Bowl we're NRG Stadium.

AFC Divisional Game

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers (12-5) vs #2  Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) at 7:20 PM CST on NBC

This is a rematch of an October 2 game at Heinz Field in which the Steelers curb stomped Kansas City 43-14. After that game the Chiefs went on their bye week, regrouped and went 10-2 to capture the AFC West title and a season sweep of the Raiders that allowed them to grab the number 2 seed.

Image result for steelers vs chiefs 2016
The AFC North champion Steelers are on a bit of a hot streak themselves, going 7-2 after their bye week.  They have won eight straight games, including last week's 30-12 Wild Card round playoff demolition of the Miami Dolphins .

But the rematch is in Arrowhead Stadium, and the Chiefs aren't the same team the Steelers rolled over in Week 4.   The Steelers do have momentum on their side.  So do the Chiefs, who got to chill and watch everyone else play during Wild Card weekend..

So who is going to win this game?   Going with the Chiefs in this one.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- First Friday The 13th Edition

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This is the first of only two Friday the 13ths on the 2017 calendar with the next one happening in October.   But the date that is really going to be a scary nightmare is seven days from now at 12:01 PM EST.

It's time for our weekly TransGriot business of calling out fools, so let's get to it.

Honorable mention number one is Diamond and Silk for coonery above and beyond the call of duty.

Honorable mention number two is the group of kneegrow pastors who held a press conference to urge the confirmation of unrepentant segregationist Jeff Session for AG

 Uncle Ruckus would be proud of you.   This is also prime evidence why I can't stand conservative kneegrows.  They will sell you out for their own selfish gain every time.

Honorable mention number three is Uncle Ruckus in real life in Ben Carson, who partled his lips to say that TBLGQ Americas don't deserve 'extra rights'  

Naw you ignorant mofo, demanding that people respect you humanity and human rights is not 'extra rights', it's a constitutional imperative.

Honorable mention number four is Sen. Mitch McConnell, for just pick an outrage.

Honorable mention number five is Kellyanne Conway, for lying every time she opens her mouth.

Honorable mention number six is to Steve Harvey for his bigoted comment about Asian men.  Some friends of mine are married to Asian men and are extremely happy and satisfied they have them as their life partners.

Honorable mention number seven to Matt Walsh for his racist The Blaze column  insinuating that Black youth aren't human.  That's mighty white wing of you considering you're descended from people who enslaved, sexually assaulted  and brutalized Africans for several centuries

Image result for Jeff Sessions
This week's Shut Up Fool loser winner is Jeff Sessions.   During his confirmation testimony to become the next attorney general, he claimed he worked on civil rights cases on issues he has actively opposed and was called on it by Sen Al Franken,

He also whined ''it's hard to be a white southern senator' in response to a question by Sen. Lindsey Graham ,

Naw Senator, you have been a documented unrepentant bigot for much of your public service life, and now you're upset about being called a racist?   Coretta Scott King wouldn't have written that 1986 letter opposing your nomination to the federal bench with the words 'Jeff Sessions would irreparably damage the work of my husband, Martin Luther King Jr' if you weren't a racist.

If you didn't support the KKK and push racist policies, maybe that pointed hood wouldn't fit so well.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, have several seats and shut your lying azz up,fool

Wear Black On Inauguration Day!

I'm going to be in Philadelphia for Creating Change when it happens, but I already know what color I'm going to wear on that day:  Black/

Hey, it's what you wear to a funeral, and at 12:01 PM EST hope is going to die 139 miles away from me along with the America we got to enjoy under the Obama Administration when Twitler gets sworn in.

And make sure your TV is turned to any channel not showing his inauguration or watch Netflix.

While it may be a glorious day for white supremacists and Republicans, it won't be for the 65, 844, 954 Americans who didn't want this vile waste of DNA in the Oval Office.

So what do you do when you attend a funeral and are paying your respects to the deceased?  You wear black.   .That'a what I'm planning to do on this Inauguration Day in protest of Trump desecrating the presidency and the White House

Hell, I may even wear my Black beret with it.

So for those of you who wish to join me across the nation and the world in protest this outrage, please join me in wearing black next Friday.  

Valentina Sampaio Appears On Cover Of Brazilian ELLE

Image result for Valentina Sampaio ELLE Brazil cover
While we were embroiled in the final stages of our contentious presidential election, there was a little trans history being made in Brazil from the modeling world.

19 year old model Valentina Sampaio became only the second trans person ever since Lea T did so in 2011 to grace the cover of ELLE Brazil.
Image result for valentina sampaio
That ELLE Brazil cover featuring Sampaio was released in November 2016.

There was also a L'Oreal commercial that ran during International Women's Day of Valentina getting made up to take her new Brazilian ID photo.


She's just the newest member of the long stylish line of trans models that goes back to the 1960's that gets more beautiful , groundbreaking and expansive very day..

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Anthony Anderson's On Point 'Black-ish' January 11 Episode Monologue

And soon, Dre — who'd remained uncharacteristically silent on the matter up until that point — lays bare the betrayal he feels, not only from the election results, but from the conversations in its wake.
Last night i was busy flipping channels between Star and the Black-ish episode entitled 'Lemons' that focused on the tensions that have been exacerbated in this country since Trump (yuck) won this contentious 2016 presidential election with three million fewer votes.

Anthony Anderson's character Andre Johnson during his monologue encapsulated many of the feelings I and many African Americans have concerning this recent election and the subsequent loud and contentious debates that in some cases have ended friendships.

Here's the full monologue.

“You don’t think I care about this country? I love this country, even though at times it doesn’t love me back. For my whole life, my parents, my grandparents, me — for most black people, this system has never worked for us. But we still play ball, try to do our best to live by the rules even though we knew they would never work out in our favors. Had to live in neighborhoods that you wouldn’t drive through; send our kids to school with books so beat up you couldn’t read them; worked jobs that you wouldn’t even consider in your nightmares. 
Black people wake up every day believing that our lives are going to change, even though everything around us says it’s not. Truth be told, you ask most black people and they’d tell you that no matter who won this election, they didn’t expect the hood to get better. But they still voted, because that’s what you’re supposed to do.
You don’t think I’m sad that Hillary didn’t win? That I’m not terrified about what Trump’s about to do? I’m used to things not going my way. I’m sorry that you’re not and it’s blowing your mind, but excuse me if I get a little offended that I didn’t see all of this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people since we were stuffed on boats in chains. I love this country as much if not more than you do, and don’t you ever forget that.”

Truth.  I emphatically get what that Anderson monologue to the tune of Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit was saying about many African Americans feeling like this country doesn't love us back.
 I expressed the same sentiments in a TransGriot post I wrote in the immediate aftermath of Trump being declared the winner.
Right now I'm once again processing the fact that my country hates me.   That's not something I wanted to or needed to ponder before going to sleep tonight.
-TransGriot,  November 9, 2016 

I hear 'I hate you' with every white person gleefully cheering for Trump. stating they proudly voted for him or expressing pride that he won.  I hear that with every white supremacist I see giving Nazi salutes while hollering 'Hail Trump' and every smirking Bernie or Buster who loudly and wrongly claims Bernie would have won.

That's why he is #notmypresident, and I will never respect him.  I will gleefully be dancing in the streets when he leaves office on January 20, 2021 

United, Undaunted, Unstoppable Trans United Fund #CC17 Event

For those of you attending #CC17 in Philadelphia next week and looking for things to do and check out that are away from the host hotel, here's something for you too put on your #CC17 event calendar.

The Trans United Fund is hosting an event at Philadelphia City Hall on January 19 that is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money to build the political strength of the trans community.

Image result for Trans United Fund logo
The United, Undaunted Unstoppable event will feature the Trans United Fund team, Minneapolis City Council candidate Andrea Jenkins and Danni Askini,  the Executive Director of the Washington state based organization Gender Justice League.  Washington is facing another potential anti-trans statewide referendum this November if the transphobes gather enough signatures (259,622) by July to put it on the ballot. .

The goal of the event is to raise $5,000 to help support these efforts to build trans community political power.  If you can't be at the event or aren't going to be in Philadelphia for Creating Change, you can still support it by clicking on this link to donate to the cause.   Even $1 will help  

Image result for philadelphia city hall
If you can attend, suggested donation is $10, and it will take place in Room 201 at Philadelphia City Hall starting at 6:30 PM.   Address is 1 Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moni's Headed To Creating Change 2017!

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At one point I was debating whether or not I would go to Creating Change in Philadelphia after going through the contentious and mentally draining 2016 edition of it in Chicago.

Image result for philadelphia marriott downtown
But my presence was requested for some events taking place at #CC17 like the National Black Justice Coalition's (NBJC) Black Institute and by the Trans United Fund , so that means I'll be leaving the Lone Star State and heading up to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection for this 2017 edition of the Creating Change Conference.

Creating Change will be taking place from January 18-22, and the #CC17 host hotel will be the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.   With the start of #CC17 coming a mere 48 hours before a president hostile to our TBLGQ community will be inaugurated, the timing of this Creating Change couldn't be more crucial or critical to our human rights movement, especially for the transgender contingent of it.

Image result
I'm looking forward to witnessing the plenary keynote by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II that will happen Thursday night.   I've had the pleasure of not only meeting Rev. Barber, but hearing him speak at previous events I've attended in Louisville and the last LGBT Media Journalists Convening hosted in Philadelphia in 2015.

Image result for NBJC The Black Institute
I'm also looking forward to participating in the events I will be involved in that I know abou like Thursday's NBJC The Black Institute.  Also looking forward to tearing into a few Slurpees and some cheesesteaks while I'm there.

Speaking of being there in the #CC17 house, as always, when I step into the Marriott Downtown host hotel, don't be shy, say hi.  If I'm not rushing off to a panel, some off the hotel property event or engaged in conversation with someone, I'm more than happy to talk to people, and my trans, bi and SGL younglings will get priority.

See y'all in Philadelphia next week, #CC17.

President Obama's Farewell Speech

Image result for obama farewell speech 2017
It was a moment that we knew would eventually come, but it still didn't make it any easier to watch.

President Barack Obama returned to Chicago last night and took the stage at McCormick Place to make his farewell address to the nation.

There were moments when I was in full ugly crying mode as I thought about the historic nature of this presidency and the fact that those of us in the trans community are losing a champion.

It's also irritating that our nation is going from Harvard Law to Hee Haw (or worse) in nine days/

Here's the video of it

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The 85th Texas Legislature Starts Today

The opening session of the 85th Texas Legislature under the Pink Dome kicks off today as you read this with a lot of ceremonial business happening such as the swearing in of new members.  We don't get to elect statewide offices until 2018, and us liberal progressive Texans will be anxiously waiting to do just that.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst introduced Senate Bill 6, known as the Texas Privacy Act, which responds to the federal mandate of transgender bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms in all Texas schools. (Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman)
But first we have to get through this session that as people around the world know, Lt Governor Dan Patrick is trying to shovel through the unjust SB 6, the Texas Transgender Oppression Act.

In the Texas House, the election of the speaker will take place who is expected to be for his seventh term with Democratic minority help (thank God) moderate Rep. Joe Strauss (R-San Antonio).

House Speaker Joe Straus' priorities include improving mental health treatment and funding. (2015 File Photo/Staff)
Here are the numbers we'll be pondering for this session that will run 140 days until the end of May or the first week of June.  

The Republicans have a 20-11 majority in the Texas Senate that Patrick controls.

In the Texas House, it's 99-51 Republicans, just short of a supermajority..

Some of the issues they need to be focused on besides hating Texas trans people, guns and women's uteruses are our public school funding, the state's ailing foster care system, better mental heath access, making Texas colleges more affordable and special ed.

We'll see what happens over the next 140 days, and I know I'll have a few trips to Austin planned to do some lobbying to kill some bad bills like SB 6 and help support some good legislation..

And as you probably guessed, I'll be keeping track of the progress or lack of it on SB 6 and other bills of importance to the Texas TBLGQ community and liberal progressive Texans.

President Obama's Farewell Address Later Tonight

Note I didn't say 'potentially'. I have the confidence to say that he WILL be a great president. If we were going to have a first Black president I like my African descended brothers and sisters wanted him or her to be the best and brightest member of our community. Hopefully at the end of his second term, the nation will be lamenting the fact that we couldn't elect him to a third term.
-TransGriot, February 28, 2009 Why Barack Obama Will Be An Outstanding 

Seems like ages ago and a different more optimistic time that I wrote that post about our newly inaugurated president.   The eight years he has been in office during this historic presidency have flown by and the country is much better than it was when he took it over.
His hair is a lot grayer than when he took the oath of office in 2009 as well.

Image result for president first familyBut now he's about to hand it over in ten days to a blithering Republican idiot and buffoon, but before he does so, he will be in Chicago later tonight to give his farewell address to the nation
The 7000 tickets in the venue where he will deliver that farewell address were distributed in less than fifteen minutes/

Like many people, especially in the African American community, I will probably be shedding a tear of two a
s the realization hits me that I not only won't see this man and his amazing family living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in ten days, I may not see another African American or other person of color elected president in my lifetime .

And after five trips to the White House during this presidency, I know after January 20 I won't be going there, much less seeing the inside of that building for the next four years.  I also won't feel , much less feel as proud of my president as I was of Barack Hussein Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and their wonderful daughters..  

The speech will air at 8 PM CST, and I like many Americans will be glued to the television to watch it.